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November 6th is National Men Make Dinner Day! woot! woot! woot!

In my house I do virtually all of the grocery shopping. I’m fine with it, really, as the shopping is something I have gotten down to a science from all those years as a single mother where I had to get through the store with a little guy who had a limited tolerance for anything that required him to be confined, stand still, stick by my side, keep his voice down, not touch everything in sight (he’s still the most tactile kid I know) and generally be on the best behavior he could muster. I learned to plot out my grocery list based on the outline of the store and to stick with it religiously, mostly as a matter of budget constraints but also because I knew that I had maybe 30-45 minutes tops, including the check-out, before Griffin would start escalating his voice to near stratospheric levels to make sure I knew of his boredom. The memories of those times include some really hilarious and heart-warming stories of things he did in the grocery store, though, and he loves talking about them with me, but it’s nice now to shop without a young child in tow.  I still make my list out according to the store layout and on most occasions, even my major shopping trips, I’m in and out in far less than an hour, including bagging all my own stuff.

And of course I do nearly all the cooking. That’s not really a negotiable aspect with Mike. He can step up to the plate when he needs to, like when I get that glazed over look of total internal implosion, but he works really hard and is always very focused on it, and it just isn’t something that he keeps front and center on his mind. I, however, am constantly thinking about food. It all works out.

Mike makes the most stellar burritos and fajitas ever, including scratch tortillas that we cook up in a big iron horse of a tortilla grill, one of our smartest kitchen purchases. With only a few ingredients kept on hand, we can whip these up at a moment’s notice and have a delicious and easy meal.

And there he is……making Fajitas!

He does a simple preparation of sliced peppers and onions, cooked in a smoking hot pan to give them that seared and sizzling flavor. Seasoned chicken strips cook up really quick, and there’s always a pot of rice, a bowl of my killer guacamole and the ever-present chipotle peppers to give them some eye-popping kick.

The nice thing is, it’s a meal that Griffin will devour no matter what. I just love it that Mike willingly puts this meal together for us to give me a break in the kitchen. I don’t need it too often, but I love it regardless, especially because he looks so cute at the stove.

It’s also National Nachos Day!!! Nothing like a giant pile of toasty chips, melted cheese and a whole host of gooey toppings to mow through, huh??


Do I wish this was right in front of me this minute, and yes it’s before Noon my time but who cares? That kills me in it’s drippy cheesy (but bad for my tummy) jalapeno laden sour cream dressed yummy, and oh my god why don’t I have any?? goodness.

{{nacho photo courtesy of either dailyfoolishness.com or San Nachos Bar in Oklahoma City- you pick cuz I can’t tell}}


So go eat some Nachos if you can, and have a plate for me or better yet, get the Guy to make them for you!

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