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It was, overall, one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time.

And I’m really not one to blow my own horn much; attention focused solely on me makes me uncomfortable, and I’m glad no one videotaped the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ because I turned my head away for most of it.

Still, I did ‘blow out the candles’ that we forgot to place on the cake.


And made a wish and overall, I really enjoyed having a house full of people who came to help me celebrate- friends and family alike- and at the end of it when I collapsed nearly catatonic in bed and grimaced through my aching legs and feet and the pounding in my head from so much laughter and talking and children running amok shrieking in delight- which is such an amazing sound!- I lay there thinking how lucky and blessed and fortunate I am to have turned 45 with such  aplomb.

Those amazing birthday cakes were made courtesy of my cousin Lora who has a little cake decorating business going. If you’re local and in need of a delicious and lovely cake, contact me and I’ll pass along her information.

One was a Marble cake with Bavarian cream filling…


The other was lemon cake with lemon curd filling….


Both were moist, tender and wonderful!! And if you notice the size of them looking rather substantial, let me tell you….there wasn’t much left when the night ended. Our families and friends LOVE cake.

The food was all good- a few standards like meatballs and sausages were nothing to write home about, but the other dishes were pretty tasty.

From the next day, here’s a superb plate of goodness.


Starting at the top and working clockwise, we have a nice Bulgar Pilaf, courtesy of my favorite Eating Well magazine….


Mike’s favorite Hummus, which earned rave reviews from many party-goers.


The irrepressible Roasted Vegetable Spread which is fast becoming a go-to menu item in our house


And a Spinach and Orzo Greek style salad that was equally enjoyed and appreciated.


It was an exhausting day, I’ll tell you, but totally worth it. The next day, which was my actual birthday, I didn’t even get out of my pj’s until mid-afternoon and that was only because I had in my hot little hand a coupon for a free birthday drink from my favorite coffee shop and it was either go there and sip a latte, or fall face first onto my sofa and head back into Dreamland. I love me some good caffeine, and it saved the day.

Now onward and upward into fully enjoying being 45.

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