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Yeah, here I go again……taking pictures of soup.


But….with surprisingly good results this time! I credit the extra sunshine from Daylight Savings Time. Say what you will about it; that extra light in the evening has a very magical effect on us weary winter dwellers.

In case you missed it, my birthday was a little over a week ago. And one of the gifts I received was The Eating Well Cookbook.  This book is loaded with colorful photos and easy to follow recipes, no different than the magazine, which is always a welcome sight in my mailbox. I earmarked a lot of recipes to try too and am pretty excited about them.

This vegetable soup caught my eye right away. I’ve been really enjoying soup making this winter and we’ve had some wonderfully soothing bowls. Although I took a lot of liberties in evolving this recipe to what I envisioned it could be, it didn’t deter from the quality of the end result. It was fairly quick and full of flavor.

The original recipe only called for roasting a poblano pepper to enhance the flavor, but since I’ve been kind of ga-ga over roasted vegetables lately, I thought it would be awesome to simply place ALL of them under the broiler (instead of trying to char them all on a stovetop gas flame as the book suggests….which, um…..ick) and in doing so, created a soup that simply sang in the bowl. Broiling peppers gives them a densely sweet and delicious flavor; I love how it also mellows onions too, bringing out the taste of them without the ‘onion’ after-affects. Broiling, or grilling onions is one of the few ways I will actually eat them while they are still crunchy. Otherwise, they can’t have any toothy-ness to them or I still, like my former 7-year old self, will push them aside on the plate.

Once the vegetables were sufficiently charred, and with a can of fire-roasted tomatoes and two cans of pinto beans, this soup comes together in about 10 minutes. I added a jalapeno for a little bite, and we applied liberal amounts of cilantro, toasted blue corn tortilla chips and a nice shredding of garlic-herb co-jack cheese for added taste. Some lime juice would have been perfect, but the limes languished in the fridge, forgotten. It didn’t even matter. The soup had depth and a ton of flavor. Mike and I slurped it up, wiping our dribbling chins and exchanging happy grins. Griffin ate some leftover meat.


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