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Hi everyone- Nina Pasiuk here; I’m 14 months old and I’ve got a lot to say so listen up. If I think you aren’t paying attention, believe me- I can talk over you. I’ve got three older siblings.
kate-and-nina-010This is me- with my Aunt Kate. She’s pretty cool. I spend some time at her house playing with her cats when my Mom has stuff to do. Usually I only have lunch and a nap there, but this time when I went to see Aunt Kate and Uncle Mike, my Mom left me there for a really long time! I had three sleeps and four whole days at their house, and we had some great fun.

I used to be kind of afraid of Uncle Mike- everyone would tell me he’s a lot of fun but I just couldn’t handle it and would cry whenever he came near me- but now I realize that they’re right; he’s GREAT fun! He likes to be fed too, like me. But he’s so big! Why does he need me to feed him his snack? Oh well- I’ll play along.

It was really warm one of the days I spent here. My legs felt sticky and Aunt Kate said my cheeks were so pink. She gave me this really cold thing she called a fruit bar. I wasn’t too sure about it at first because I’m not a huge fan of fruit, but wow did it feel good to hold and put in my mouth. And on my cheeks and in my hair and all over my arms and under my chin and on my foot……

chilean-viognier-008See? My cheeks aren’t quite so pink now that I’ve covered myself with this cold thing. I did really enjoy it a lot, but I have to tell you, the bath Aunt Kate gave me when I was done with it felt even better. That’s my cousin Griffin in the background. He was doing dishes which surprised me. My brothers don’t seem to do that.

Aunt Kate makes some really good food and I ate a lot. I ate delicious oatmeal that was nice and chewy, she made me chicken on the grill, omelets and scrambled eggs and soup, but my most favorite dish I ate was something she called Pesto Pasta. One time for lunch she made me a ham and cheese omelet and I was really enjoying it until she sat down with a plate of that pasta. Well that wasn’t fair! I wanted that pasta! I even helped her clean off my tray of all the remaining omelet so she could put some pasta on it. So then we swapped lunches. She’s so nice. She said she didn’t even care.

The best part was after each meal she would give me animal crackers. I love those! (Mom? Are you getting all this?) The cookies were major fun to play with and eat- sometimes they would hide from me too.
My brother Matthew came to stay at Aunt Kate’s house too, and it was fun to have him around. I crawled around the house yelling out ‘MattMatt’ to make sure he was still there. I learned how to use the stairs really well there too, and Matt liked to help.
chilean-viognier-016There was even a party one day I was there and all these nice people came over to celebrate Griffin’s birthday. I couldn’t be bothered with a nap that day because there was just so much going on, and wow did we all have some fun. I even went to the park to swing (my FAVORITE THING EVER) with Uncle Mike and Griffin and Matt. Those boys aren’t too bad after all. I can still give them the business when they get in my face too much, but they’re OK sometimes.

I enjoyed lots of fun games too- Aunt Kate and I tossed things around on the floor a lot because I’m really good at throwing whatever I can find. The boys were playing a game where they throw dice around and I wanted to play too so I got my very own dice and Kate showed me how to play. We played for a long time! It was so fun! The boys played some video games too, and I liked sitting with them and telling them what to do. I’m good at that. On Sunday I kept telling everyone that I wanted to go for a walk and go swing at the park but all they said was that it was raining. Maybe that was why it was so dark outside. By then I was pretty tired out, and I had some nice naps snuggled up to Aunt Kate- she’s really cuddly and warm. I loved curling up next to her at night too; she made me feel really safe and comforted because I kind of missed my mom. Boy was I happy to see her when she FINALLY came back to get me!!!

So that’s the deal from this end- Aunt Kate and Uncle Mike were quite fun to play with and I love those cats! Especially their toys!! They didn’t seem to be all that interested in playing with me though…..hmmmm……..

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